Behind the Yellow Jersey - Racing in the Shadows of Kelly and Roche

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  • A very good read

    It's a good story.. coming from a former bike racer and racing at this level is quite a feat to achieve. Michael is truly a fantastic athlete and gifted "fair weather" cyclist.. the book is highly recommended.
    Doan Pendleton
  • A page turner!

    No cycling expertise necessary! This book illuminates the grit, skill and fortitude of a cyclist but is relatable to anyone who has ever competitively trained or chased a dream of any kind. The story is honest and compelling. I felt the author's excitement, commitment and moments of disappointment. I also found myself reading fast, eager to know the next bit!
    Laurie Churchman
  • Good Times

    Well done for getting it out there. Brought back great memories of times past.Very enjoyable easy read. Good times & hard honest racing. Would recommend it. Cheers Terry Ferris
  • Underage competitors need to read this book!

    Honest review of Irish cycling during the 70's and a fitting tribute when the roads were awash with remarkable and charismatic athletes. Nice to read about dimly faded old names again from that era. I remember Mick with Roche destroying the field in the now no longer classic the former Tour of Wicklow in 1978 and Peter Morton bringing me back up from a dropped group to the break after he punctured.
    John MacCormaic
  • Great Memories

    Great read good laugh and we all get a mention in the book. Great memories.
    Peter Morton

  • Dying to read the book!

    Listened to radio interview on playback yesterday Michael Cusack and really enjoyed it!
    Joanna Brennan

  • Def worth a read

    Got it off day delivery...def worth a read
    Dominic Downey
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